Hajo Specht

Strategic Coaching International

In French, English and German

About Hajo Specht

I specialize in the impact of culture on the performance of individuals, teams and organizations operating in multicultural environments. Working as an executive coach, I offer individual and team coaching as well as training to increase the performance of my clients. I am able to coach and facilitate in three different languages (German, French and English) and adapt with ease to different cultures. My background consists of 10 years’ experience in HR at a senior level within US and French multinationals.

I enjoy working with metaphors to stimulate my client’s creativity. Einstein is often quoted as saying “No problem can be solved with the same thinking that created it”, and I will stimulate your thinking to find innovative ways that will help you to progress. The metaphor I would chose to represent myself as a coach is that of a mountain guide. I begin by asking you which mountain summit (or goal) you or your team wants to reach (change, cooperation, communication, leadership, performance ...).

Once the destination is clear, I propose a challenging yet safe journey based on your needs. During the trip, you will discover new points of view. You will also become conscious of your personal limits, and will ultimately grow in order to be able to reach the goal we determined at the outset. I will work with you to make sure that you take an optimal route. We might need to change plans during the trip in the event of bad weather, but I will always keep the summit in sight.
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